Girls Bronze



This is our introduction to gymnastics class.  If your daughter is new to the sport, this is the class for her.  She will work on beginning skills for vault, bars, beam and floor.  She will work on proper body positions and safety. 

Some of the skills she will begin learning are:

  • Handstands

  • Glide swings on bars

  • Upper body strength on bars

  • Awareness on bars

  • Running on vault

  • Springboard work on vault

  • Cartwheels on floor

  • Bridges on floor

  • Balance on beam

  • Walks on beam

  • Kicks on beam

  • Jumps on beam

Winter 10/28 - 1/12

Cost: $165 for 1 hour

Ages 5-7

  • Mon: 3:15pm, 5pm, or 6pm

  • Tue: 10:15am or 3pm

  • Wed: 3:15pm or 6:15pm

  • Thu: 10:15am or 3pm

  • Sat: 9am, 9:45am, 10:30am, or 11:15am

Ages 7 and up

  • Thu: 5pm

  • Sat: 9am, 10am, or 11am

Girls Silver


Once your daughter has mastered girls bronze or has has prior gymnastics training, she will move to girls Silver.  In this class she will continue to build off of the basics learned in Bronze. 

Skills that will be taught in this class:

  • Handstands on beam

  • Cartwheels on beam

  • Spotted pull over on bars

  • Back hip circles on bars

  • Round off

  • Backbend on floor

  • Handstands on floor

  • Cartwheels on floor

  • Handstand, flat fall on vault

Winter 10/28 - 1/12

Cost: $165 for 1 hour

Ages 5-8

  • Mon: 5pm

  • Wed: 4pm

  • Thu: 4pm or 6pm

  • Sat: 9am, 10am, or 11am

Ages 8 and up

  • Tue: 7pm

  • Wed: 5pm

  • Thu: 5pm

  • Sat: 9am, 10am, or 11am

Girls Gold


Once your daughter has successfully mastered the skills in Girls Silver, she is ready for Girls Gold.  Our Gold class offers a range of skills that will prepare your daughter for skills that would be required to advance to the girls team.  These skills must be mastered in order to be considered for team and you also need a coaches recommendation. 

Skills for this class are: 

  • Handstand on medium beam

  • Back hip circle

  • Leg cut

  • Stride circle

  • Under swing dismount

  • On vault, jump off board to handstand flat fall on resi mat

  • Handstand roll down

  • Back walk over/Front walk over

  • Introduction to flip flops on floor

  • Cartwheel on medium beam

  • Split jump on beam

  • Pull over


Winter 10/28 - 1/12

Cost: $165 for 1 hour

Ages 6-9

  • Tue: 4pm

  • Wed: 6pm

  • Sat: 11am

Ages 9-up

  • Mon: 6pm

  • Wed: 4pm

  • Sat: 11am

Girls Platinum


This class is for the gymnast that loves the sport, wants to continue learning more advanced skills, but doesn't want to commit to the girls team. 

The skills for this class are endless.  Some examples are:

  • Handstands on bars

  • Flyways on bars

  • Front handsprings on vault

  • Round off flip flop and backs

  • Walk overs

  • Flip flops on beam

  • Kips

Winter 10/28 - 1/12

Cost: $240 for 2 hours

  • Mon: 5pm

  • Sat: 9am

Girls Sr High


This class is geared towards the older gymnast that loves the sport and is looking to work out during their high school off season, or year round.

Winter 10/28 - 1/12

Cost: $525 for 7.5 hrs

  • Mon: 7pm

  • Wed: 7pm

  • Sun: 5pm

Girls Pre Team


USGTC pre team is an introduction to the USA Gymnastics Level 3 competitive program.  Emphasis is on developing body awareness, grace, balance, and strength to perform the skills necessary for our competitive team.  Proper for is stressed in basic tumbling, bar, vault, and balance beam skills; before adding the more advanced skills necessary to move up to Level 3. 

Skills they are working on are:

  • Leaps on beam

  • Jumps on beam

  • Turns on beam

  • Glides on uneven bars

  • Pull up pullovers on uneven bars

  • Sing leg shoot throughs on uneven bars

  • Stride circcles on uneven bars

  • Squat ons on uneven bars

  • Proper round offs on floor

  • Flip flops on floor

  • Handstand straight arm forward rolls

  • Front limbers

  • Back walkovers

  • Handstands on balance beam

  • Cartwheels on balance beam

  • Side dismounts on balance beam

  • Leaps on floor

  • Jumps on floor

  • Turns on floor

  • Handsprings on vault

An introduction to routines, putting the skills together, is also included.